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(COSJAR) CosmeticBusiness 2017, MOC Munich



(COSJAR) CosmeticBusiness 2017, MOC Munich - . Cosmetic Business

Cosmetic Business

Exhibition Detail

  • Show Dates: 21-22 June, 2017
  • Venue:
  • Booth No.: Hall 4 E08

Exhibition Gallery

MOC Munich 2017 01 MOC Munich 2017 01
MOC Munich 2017 02 MOC Munich 2017 02
MOC Munich 2017 03 MOC Munich 2017 03



Hi-Tech Textile Department
Hi-Tech Textile Department

Hi-Tech Textile Department is ISO certified (its factory and office), and committed to constantly improve the fabric's fire resistant property, garment design and wearer comfort, and we never forget that wearer's safety is always the primary concern.

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Packaging Products Department
Packaging Products Department

We are a leading professional manufacturer of various high-end cosmetic containers in Taiwan. We have already created the famous cosmetic packing trademark-COSJAR, which is of high quality and innovative design.

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