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Nanjing K.K. Chemical Eng. Corp.

Company Profile

Nanjing K.K. Chemical Engineering Corp. (NKC), founded in 1992. NKC is located in Chiang-Su provincial "Yen-Chiang Chemical Zone" with the 20,000 square meter of broad land in China. The major water stabilizers we produce include organophosphonates such as ATMP, HEDP, PBTC and formulated boiler & cooling water treatment chemicals, which will normally be employed as corrosion & scale inhibitor. The yearly capacity is, by far, above 2,500 MT in order to comply with the growing demand worldwide. In order to assure the quality, we have been ISO-9002 certified by U.K. BSI from 1997. Thus, we are very proud to say we are the first ISO-9002 certified water treatment company in Mainland China. We have successfully exported our products to U.S.A., West/East European countries, Japan, South East Asia and Middle East territory, and our quality has gained the trust and applauses from our clients.

In view of the great demand from various industries in Mainland China, we also import excellent and high performance products from Taiwan, U.S.A., and many European countries. They include fire protective fabric, metering pump, auto-dosing system for cooling tower, flocculants, pipe repair system, and epoxy grouting, etc. Due to our commitment to ensure quality, these products have earned good reputations in the China.

NKC not only distributes quality products but also provides valuable customer services like proprietary technical supporting and in-time's after-service, because we value our customers' full satisfaction.



Hi-Tech Textile Department
Hi-Tech Textile Department

Hi-Tech Textile Department is ISO certified (its factory and office), and committed to constantly improve the fabric's fire resistant property, garment design and wearer comfort, and we never forget that wearer's safety is always the primary concern.

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Packaging Products Department
Packaging Products Department

We are a leading professional manufacturer of various high-end cosmetic containers in Taiwan. We have already created the famous cosmetic packing trademark-COSJAR, which is of high quality and innovative design.

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