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[2015/02/05] Taiwan K.K. Ultramarathon Team Wins Big in Hong Kong

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[2015/02/05] Taiwan K.K. Ultramarathon Team Wins Big in Hong Kong - . Ultramarathon Runner Andy Kao,
who won 2nd place at Men's 12hrs. Group.

Ultramarathon Runner Andy Kao, who won 2nd place at Men's 12hrs. Group.

Sole-sponsored by Taiwan K.K. Corp., the "Taiwan K.K. Flex Power Team" ultramarathon runners flew to Hong Kong for the first ever, "2015 Hong Kong Ultramarathon" on Jan 30, 2015. The results are inspiring!

Hsinyen Ho, participated in the 24 hour game for the first time at the age of 57, and won second place in the Men's division. As for 12 hour game, Andy Kao has got Men's 2nd place. As for Women's division, Flex Power Team's Hsiaochun Huang and Mingchu Lu respectively won 1st and 2nd place, a remarkable achievement. At the end of the first stage, 4 among 5 participants are medalists. The prowess of "Taiwan K.K. Flex Power Team" has been recognized.

The competition is even fiercer in the 6 hour group, as "Taiwan K.K. Flex Power Team" went toe to toe with China and Japan national teams, the result is outstanding still. Gichun Lee on top of Men's division with 78.07 km, Hsunghai Chen, at 59, in 2nd place with 72.584 km. Another Flex Power team member, Yenlong Huang, also got in 4th place. As for Women's division, Taiwan's fastest women to finish 50km, Suer Huang, won by finishing 69 km, and end up in the second place! The great results from "Taiwan K.K. Flex Power Team" had concluded this game well, and let the runners from Japan, China, Hong Kong to witness the performance of Taiwan ultrarunners!

General Manager of Taiwan K.K. Corporation, Mr. Anderson Tsai: "Hong Kong's weather changes rapidly throughout the game, there were even some interval rain during the night. So, it is not that easy to get such a great score. Plus, they had to face the multinational elite athletes, a further proof that Taiwan Ultrarunners are capable of world stage competition. The great result by Taiwan K.K. Flex Power Team fought hard to get these medals. I sincerely hope that more Taiwan athletes will shine on the international stages." Taiwan K.K. Corp had been an avid sponsor for sports, and enthusiastically supports Ultramarathon games. The winning athletes Huang and Chen have received for some time the Flex Power Dietary Supplement. We still look forward to a better performance from Taiwan ultrarunners!

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