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Smart Firefighting Suit: Premium 701-I

All new SUPER ARMOR Firefighting suits incorporate RFID chips to enable stock maintenance and on-scene fire management.

2015 Interschutz, held once every five years, will open this year (2015) on June 8th through 13th in Hannover, Germany. This is the stage where global suppliers in fire safety industry showcase their latest developments in products and equipment. Taiwan K.K. Corporation (Hall: 012; Booth No.: G76) will join the exhibition and present Taiwan's first RFID smart firefighting suit. Main attraction of this firefighting suit is that it allows an easy stock management and the follow up organizing/tracing, so the firefighting suit can maintain its protection ability, but at the same time facilitate on-scene fire ground management.

Taiwan K.K. Corp. emphasizes protection and maneuverability in its development of fire turnout gears. It also improves the material of turnout gears so the cutting edge technology can merge with protection and convenience seamlessly. However, to designers, it is a great challenge to develop a smart firefighting suit that keeps both the RFID function and protects the firemen in extreme high temperature environments. As we emphasize innovations and vigor as core of Taiwan K.K. Corp's spirit, we have overcome this obstacle, so now our smart firefighting suit employs a new RFID tag that withstands 200 times of washing, 100 percent increase in durability from the industry average. Other features such as enduring drying process as high as 185°C, and holding up to the pressing force of 600-800lbs demonstrate the technological advance of Taiwan K.K. Corporation.

Anderson Tsai, General Manager of Taiwan K.K. Corporation stated: “We see wearable technologies as a combination of research in fireproof materials and expertise from IT industry, while providing services regarding textile products, including design, planning, evaluation and inspection. Instead of only providing new ideas and directions, we acquire results from conducting actual researches. In recent years, Taiwan K.K. Corporation has achieved remarkable results from the research in the field of new materials. The textile industry is indeed a potential star, especially now when wearable technologies are trending. Of course, key traits of firefighting suits are protection, leeway and comfort. These are important foundations and we apply novel technologies with these fundamentals together in order to achieve higher efficiency.”

In the past years the chip size was still too big to get incorporated into suits. Now, as technologies progress RFID chips can be sewn into clothing. The removable RFID sensory chip on our latest Premium 701-I smart firefighting suits is significantly smaller than traditional counterparts, it can precisely display the time of purchase for the firefighting suit, and remind the user that a particular firefighting might need repairing and/or cleaning. The chip can also record the repair and washing log in the tag itself. The entire system not only prolongs the service time of firefighting gear, but also assists on stock management.

The main goal behind Taiwan K.K. Corporation’s production of KANOX® Fire Resistant Fabrics and SUPER ARMOR Fire Fighting Suits is to protect firefighters worldwide and reduce industrial as well as fire accidents. Firefighting suits from Taiwan K.K. Corp. are not only of proud Taiwanese quality, which is on par with Europe and American makers, Taiwan K.K. Corp’s turnout gears also passed European standard, EN469 certification and U.S. NFPA tests. The company is also a firefighting garment industry player; more so, it leads the competitors in terms of environmental friendly concepts.

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