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[2015/08/25] Quality of Firesuits is Shown by Numbers

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[2015/08/25] Quality of Firesuits is Shown by Numbers - . Taiwan K.K. Corp's SUPER ARMOR, suppling high performance turnout gear at resonable price!

Taiwan K.K. Corp's SUPER ARMOR, suppling high performance turnout gear at resonable price!

Taiwan K.K. Corp`s Super Armor: Premium 702 bunker gear, with its traits for HTI, RHTI and tensile strength allows fireman to move and act comfortably in rescue operations without being too much affected by obstacles or high fire temperatures.

Taiwan K.K. Corp`s Super Armor Premium 702 has five main features:

Low Heat Shrinkage: In case contact with fire some fire suits may shrink subsequently and firefighters are prone to extreme temperatures; therefore a low shrinkage fabric is of high advantage. Though EN469 set the standard at 5%, Super Armor Premium 702 has a better retention and the least shrinkage ration among all fire suits on the market.

HTI: The Heat Transfer Index (HTI) signifies how long the suit isolates heat conduction for firemen. The EN 469 standard stipulates a minimum of 13 seconds, yet Super Armor Premium 702 enhances this trait to the next level.

RHTI: In case of sudden flash fire a higher RHTI gives firemen some extra valuable seconds to escape from the scene, as in a fire every second counts. According to the standard EN469 the RHTI should at least be over 18 seconds, and Super Armor Premium 702 not only goes beyond this line, but also beats other suits in the market.

Blood-Borne Pathogen Resistance: SUPER ARMOR Premium 702is not only EN469-certified, but also passed tests required for the NFPA 1971 standard. The suit’s waterproof layer is capable of stopping the infiltration of blood-borne viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, providing an all-round protection.

Tensile strength: In case of sharp edges in a fire environment the outer layer of fire suit may have to endure additional strain. Ripping open firefighter suits even a bit can cause a huge risk for its user, so the outer layer fabric must be tearing resistant. As EN469 standard stipulates a tear strength of >25N, SUPER ARMOR Premium 702 greatly surpasses it, as the graph below shows.

“Super Armor Premium 702”provides a multiple sublime protection ability; it maximizes the security for fireman during firefighting and rescue operations.

It is a Fireman’s duty to locate and save civilians inside a major fire with all its heat and hazards. Although they are wearing bunker suits, they are not immune to being burnt by permanent flame contact. After all a fireman is not the comic book movie “iron man”, who wears an almost invincible suit! Once the fireman senses a slight pain in the back it signals him, that the heat insulation function of the suit is about to be compromised. In such case, firemen have to give up their firefight and should retreat from the fire for their own safety.

Taiwan K.K.’s KANOX Fire Resistant production aims to secure the personal safety of firefighters, and to reduce the physical injuries inflicted by heat. Our fire suits do not only use top Taiwanese quality, on par with European and American makers, the product itself has also passed EN469 and NFPA tests to certify our lead in the personal safety equipment industry. Meanwhile we also outrun our competitors in terms of lowering environmental impact and sustainability.

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