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[2015/09/25] COSJAR / Tree House: Back to the Basics of Skincare

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[2015/09/25] COSJAR / Tree House: Back to the Basics of Skincare - . Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Tree House

Cosmetic Packaging Collection - Tree House

COSJAR provides simple, elegant, and inexpensive packaging for natural skincare cosmetics. High quality product supplied at reasonable cost, “Tree House” definitely is your best choice for skincare cosmetic packaging.

There have been some observations this year stating that global economy may face a staggering growth. Especially in consumer market, most companies seem to have felt the headwind and re-planned their spending strategy accordingly. To cope with such trend in procurement, we at COSJAR are well prepared with economical options for a smart, budget-wise package purchasing option: “Tree House” packaging series.

In the “Tree House” product line, we provide multiple volumes of containers. Customers have well received our jar of 50ml and bottles between 50ml to 210ml, including lotion pumps, spraying mist pumps, as well as screw-cap and over cap to choose from. Various decoration options will upgrade the looks of packaging and promote your brand’s impression.

In compliance with environmental regulations, we have also utilized PP and PET/PETG materials when making these bottles, to make them more eco-friendly. They can be colored by injection and cost saving on recycling after consumption.

In conclusion, “Tree House” is budget-wise, customizable with decorations. It is one of the environmental-conscience sets we highly recommend from our collection. You are welcomed to discuss with our sales team for further information on these containers, or you can also visit our website at



Hi-Tech Textile Department
Hi-Tech Textile Department

Hi-Tech Textile Department is ISO certified (its factory and office), and committed to constantly improve the fabric's fire resistant property, garment design and wearer comfort, and we never forget that wearer's safety is always the primary concern.

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Packaging Products Department
Packaging Products Department

We are a leading professional manufacturer of various high-end cosmetic containers in Taiwan. We have already created the famous cosmetic packing trademark-COSJAR, which is of high quality and innovative design.

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