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Department of Chemistry, Chung Yuan Christian University - Taiwan K.K. Corporation Outstanding Graduate Scholarship - Speech by General Manager Tsai Ching-Hui, 10/14/2023

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Good afternoon, Chairman of the Department, distinguished guests, and fellow students. I am Tsai Ching-Hui from Taiwan Taiwan K.K. Corporation. It is an honor to have the opportunity today to represent my father, Tsai Teng-Long, in presenting scholarships to the Chemistry Department of Chung Yuan Christian University.

I just returned from the Gobi Desert in Gansu, China, participating in the 18th Xuanzang Road Business School Gobi Challenge, abbreviated as Go18. This marks my third participation, with different roles each time, providing unique insights. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly share three realizations with everyone.


The first time was in Go14, representing National Taiwan University Team A in the competitive group. My task was to strive for the best results for NTU. In different situations, one often plays different roles. In school, focus on being a good student; at home, fulfill the role of a good child; in the future, as a family is established, strive to be a good parent; and in the workplace, give one's best effort in performing the assigned tasks. This is my first insight for everyone.

The second time, in this year's May edition, Go17, I registered for the most challenging category, A+. Despite the distance originally meant to be covered in four days, A+ required completing 121 kilometers within 22 hours. The most common question I faced was, "Why did you dare to enter this competition?" My answer was, "Precisely because I didn't know, so I wanted to challenge myself and see." Therefore, my second realization is about courage. We must have the courage to challenge ourselves to discover a different self.

The third time was in last week's Go18. This time, I was the team leader, tasked with ensuring the safe completion of the race for all team members. Near a statue of Xuanzang at the finish line, I saw six characters engraved on a stone monument: "Awakening through selflessness." Suddenly, I understood that this was the original intention of Master Xuanzang's journey to the West—not for himself but for all sentient beings. Perhaps we cannot achieve complete selflessness now, but at least we should strive for altruism, maintaining good intentions, and helping others whenever possible.


In summary, these are my three insights from participating in the Xuanzang Road three times, and I share them with you.

As Sun Wukong once said, "Master, do you want to ride on my somersault cloud? I can reach the Western Paradise with just one flip." However, as we all know, Sun Wukong still followed his master, taking each step carefully and completing the journey of Xuanzang steadfastly. Therefore, firstly, we must remember to diligently perform our current tasks, matching our actions with our goals.

Secondly, Journey to the West is a novel, and the real Xuanzang did not have Sun Wukong by his side. The Sun Wukong in the novel represents the courage within Xuanzang's heart. So, I encourage all students to find their own "Monkey King" within their hearts.

Lastly, "Awakening through selflessness" means maintaining good intentions and giving back when possible. This is my third realization from the three journeys of Xuanzang, shared with all of you.