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Taiwan K.K. Corporation

Company Profile

Taiwan K.K. Corporation

Taiwan K.K. Corp., established in 1976, is a company that specializes in industrial water treatment. Constantly motivated to expand, we began our quest to become an all-rounded company.

By establishing Specialty Chemical Department ( including Water Treatment Division & Product Development Division), Industrial Products Department, Packaging Products Department and Hi-Tech Textile Department, we have broadened our product lines to include cooling/boiler water chemicals, chemical raw materials for water treatment system, machinery system, specialty painting products, cosmetic packaging products, and fire resistant fabrics, etc.

Because we recognize the importance of research and development in enhancing a company’s growth, Taiwan K.K. is continuously investing a great deal of men power and resources into our R & D Divisions, These include:

Water Treatment Department’s technical specialization, knowledge and improving & developing of better scale and corrosion inhibitors.

Packaging Products Department’s new molding of designing.

Hi-Tech Textile Department’s fire resistant fiber & its’ yarn development through our R & D divisions, Taiwan K.K. is able to extend its enterprise to serve different industries like the military, the law enforcement, and the industrial factories.

In Tao-Yuan’s Guan-In Industrial Park is Taiwan K.K.’s big production plant. It houses a water treatment factory, cosmetic packaging factory, and Kanox fire resistant fiber and yarn factory. With our mission to broaden market territory in Mainland China, in 1992, we established our first quarter in China, in the city of Nanjing. Nanjing K.K. Chemical Engineering Corp. specializes in the manufacturing of water treatment raw chemical materials and formulated water treatment chemicals. Soon after the success of Nanjing K.K, we extended our sites to the beautiful province of Jiangsu and founded Taixing K.K. Plastic Co., Ltd, which manufactures its well-known water shield lotion pumps. Combining the knowledge and the men power of both Taiwan and China, K.K. group aims to forge ahead to international market.

K.K. Group has been investing both the time and resources into long-term training and education of our people. Because we believe that through life-long learning and sharing ideas, we can develop a sense of unity within our organization and to spread K.K.’s philosophy; humbleness, dedication, and aggressiveness.

Through years of planning and hard work, K.K. Group is no longer just a company that sells products but an enterprise, which expertises in marketing, professional skills and knowledge. In addition, our effort to control cost has benefited our customers. K.K. Group views customer service as an essential element to become a successful enterprise. We like to be known by our satisfied customers as a company with high quality products and excellent customer service. Though these efforts, K.K. Group hopes to build stronger and brighter future with our customers.

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