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Good afternoon, Chairman of the Department, distinguished guests, and fellow students. I am Tsai Ching-Hui from Taiwan Taiwan K.K. Corporation. It is an honor to have the opportunity today to represent my father, Tsai Teng-Long, in presenting scholarships to the Chemistry Department of Chung Yuan Christian University.

I just returned from the Gobi Desert in Gansu, China, participating in the 18th Xuanzang Road Business School Gobi Challenge, abbreviated as Go18. This marks my third participation, with different roles each time, providing unique insights. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly share three realizations with everyone.

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Original Source: UDN

2023 Taiwan 777 Island Hopping Marathon Event Details

TKK Chairman Tsai Completes His Sixth Marathon 1

On June 12, 2023, the second day of the Taiwan 777 Island Hopping Marathon took place on Green Island. Fifty-two runners, including VIP participant Chairman Anderson Tsai from "Taiwan K.K. Corporation." successfully completed the race despite fatigue and intermittent rain. Chairman Tsai concluded the Green Island leg with the statement, "Marathon is never easy."

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Factory located in Taoyuan Guanyin, TKK started as an industrial water treatment company, customers including China Steel, Formosa Plastics, and TSMC. Thirty years ago, they stepped into the fireproof fiber industry and produced the first firefighting suit in Taiwan that fit the shape of Orientals, the firefighters no longer have to wear imported and unsuitable firefighting suits. CEO of TKK corporation and the second generation of management ,Anderson Tsai realized in Taiwan there was no complete after-sales service just like American vendors. TKK started to develop service center for firefighting suits and provide complete business from manufacturing to repair. The firefighters can put on the safest tabard. Today, they account for 80% of the market share in Taiwan. The High-Tech textile department generates nearly 500 million NT revenue for the enterprise every year.

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Purple Peak Award—Taizhou K.K. Plastic Company

Approved by State Council of the PRC, the “Purple Peak Award” ceremony was held at Jiangsu TV Broadcasting Concert Hall in Nanjing on October, 30th, 2016. This is the first award for Jiangsu province, even for the entire mainland China, to recognize the great economical achievements and contributions by Taiwan-funded enterprises in Jiangsu.

With the most Taiwanese companies in terms of quantity and trading volume, Jiangsu province has around 26,000 Taiwan invested enterprises which contribute a great amount of economic development. Among those enterprises, only 64 companies were acknowledged as the winners of the 1st Purple Peak Award.

Taizhou K.K. Plastic Company, manufacturing COSJAR packaging, is proud to be recognized by Purple Peak Award. Attending the ceremony, Anderson Tsai, the president of Taiwan K.K. Corp., represented the K.K. Group to receive the prize from the president Chen of ARATS (Association of Relations Across the Taiwan Straits). “It is a great honor to be part of the Purple Peak Award. We have been supported and aided by so many friends from government and it is a big encouragement and excitation for all the members in K.K. to earn this special recognition at this moment.” says Anderson Tsai.

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2016 Taiwan Report by South China Morning Post

As it enters its 40th year manufacturing specialty chemicals for Taiwan’s water purification needs, family-owned Taiwan K.K. Corp (TKK) continues to hold its own amid the island economy’s growing industries.

Today, TKK is a leading diversified enterprise, having honed its manufacturing expertise to include firefighting suits, centrifugal oil filters, food supplements and packaging plastics for some of the world’s largest companies.

“We are well recognised in different market segments for our honesty, service and solution-driven mindset,” says Anderson Tsai, president.

TKK’s roster of customers includes multinational personal care brands Unilever, Nivea and Johnson & Johnson – all of which have chosen the multi-patented, high-quality plastic lotion dispensing pumps of subsidiary Taixing K.K. Plastic Company (TKPC).

In addition to being Johnson & Johnson’s major lotion pump dispenser supplier, TKPC is also the No 1 supplier of this product in Asia and is the region’s only manufacturer of roll-on balls.

TKK’s reputation for innovation, customised service and high quality is evident in its other business divisions. TKK is the only Taiwanese company that offers cleansing, disinfection and maintenance services for fire suits in line with its expertise in developing fire-resistant fabrics.

COSJAR, TKK’s world-renowned packaging department, also specialises in acrylic beauty packaging – offering a wide range of shapes and finishes such as metallised lotion bottles and cream jars with shiny rims.

The company also offers advanced water treatment technologies, such as the remote-controlled monitoring of water metres via cellular phone, and has patented a highly effective and widely acclaimed centrifugal oil filter.

With 70 per cent of its business coming from other Asian countries, TKK welcomes Southeast Asian distributors for its water treatment chemicals and channel partners that can help launch its new line of dietary supplements – marketed under the brand FlexPower – in mainland China.

“My father always told me that if you want to succeed, you have to work with successful people,” Tsai says. “We don’t choose our partners – our partners Anderson Tsai, president choose us.”

South China Morning Post