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Mechanical Department

Mechanical Department

The Mechanical Dept. of Taiwan K.K. Corp. presents a patented centrifugal oil filter (Taiwan Patent # M 295719; China Patent # ZL 2005 2 0026721.6), to solve the oil cleaning issue once and for all. Our oil filter is applicable on hydraulic oil, lube oil, gear oil and cooling oil. The ability of precision filtering of oil in the equipment plus the removal of water from oil is highly effective and widely acclaimed.

Taiwan K.K. Corp. KK Series Bypass Centrifugal Oil Filter

KK Series Bypass Centrifugal Oil Filter, has been developed for not only cleaning oil but is also capable of separating water from oil to ensure high purity level of lube oil. In addition, KK Series is a self-driven high speed unit running by oil pressure with an oil pump.

KK Series Bypass Centrifugal Oil Filter Mechanism

The resulting spinning speed of rotor by oil pressure is up to 4000-6000 rpm, providing a centrifugal force 2000 times greater than its gravity. The centrifugal force creates a significant power to separate a wide range of contaminated particles from oil and leave contaminated particles on the inner wall of rotor to form a dense cake, which could extend into the sub-micron range and includes those not captured by full-flow filters.

KK Series will not block or clog, so it maintains its one-pass efficiency within normal oil change intervals and the contaminated particles removal rate remains virtually constant throughout the life of the oil. Therefore, it cleans the oil and helps prolong the life of oil and equipment.

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